Mung Bean Flower (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 녹두꽃
  • Also known as: The Nokdu Flower, 우금티, Ugeumchi
  • Directors: Shin Kyung Soo
  • Air time: 6,7 at 22:00
  • Broadcast Period: 26/04/2019 to 13/07/2019
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Mung Bean Flower (2019)

녹두꽃,The Nokdu Flower,우금티,Ugeumchi

TV Series , Drama , Family , Historical , Life , Political , Korean | Completed


Set during the Donghak Peasant Revolution which took place from 1894-1895. Two half-brothers fight on opposite sides of this rebellion.
Baek Yi Kang is the first son of an important family. His father is wealthy and he is notorious as a local government officer. But, Yi Kang’s mother is from the the lowest class. Due to his mother's low social class, people look down on Baek Yi Kang.
Song Ja In is the only daughter for the head of a large peddlers group. She is the owner of Jeonjoo Yeokak, which sells merchandise and is also an inn. She has courage, stays calm under pressure and has charisma. Song Ja In dreams of becoming the best merchant in Joseon.
Baek Yi Hyun is Yi Kang’s younger half-brother. He is smart, handsome and polite. Unlike Yi Kang, Baek Yi Hyun was not born out of wedlock. Yi Hyun has everything and he treats his half-brother politely.
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Mung Bean Flower (2019)
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Shin Kyung Soo Unknown Director
Jung Hyun Min Unknown Screenwriter
Jung Sun Chul Butler Nam Support Role
Song Yool Kyu Kim Dang Son Support Role
Lee Jung Heon Lee Yong Tae Support Role
Baek Eun Hye Baek Yi Hwa Support Role
Lee Soon Won Kim Moon Hyun Support Role
Jeon Moo Song Choi Shi Hyung Support Role
Noh Haeng Ha Beo Deul Yi Support Role
Kim Do Yeon Cheol Doo Support Role
Ahn Kil Kang Hae Seung Support Role
Park Kyu Young Hwang Myung Sim Support Role
Jo Hyun Shik Eok Shwe Support Role
Min Sung Wook Choi Kyung Seon [Yi Kang's ally] Support Role
Jung Gyoo Soo Dongrokgae Support Role
Park Ji Hwan Kim Ga Support Role
Seo Young Hee Yoo Wol Yi Support Role
Kim Ha Kyoon Park Won Myung Support Role
Park Hyeok Kwon Baek Ga [Yi Kang & Yi Hyun's father] Support Role
Hwang Young Hee [Yi Hyun's mother] Support Role
Choi Won Young Hwang Seok Joo Support Role
Jang Gwang Jo Byung Gab Support Role
Park Ji Il Song Bong Gil Support Role
Choi Moo Sung Jeong Bong Joon [Revolutionary Leader] Support Role
Kim Sang Ho Choi Deok Ki Support Role
Jo Hee Bong Hong Ga Support Role
L.Joe Bungae Support Role
Lee Tae Geom Song Hee Ok Support Role
Jo Jung Suk Baek Yi Kang Main Role
Yoon Shi Yoon Baek Yi Hyun [Yi Kang's half brother] Main Role
Han Ye Ri Song Ja In Main Role
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