Misty (2018)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 미스티
  • Also known as: Miseuti
  • Directors: Mo Wan Il
  • Air time: 6,7 at 23:00
  • Broadcast Period: 02/02/2018 to 24/03/2018
  • Watch online


Go Hye Ran is a popular anchorwoman for a prime time news show. She works hard at her job. One day, Go Hye Ran becomes the suspect in a murder case. Her husband is Kang Tae Wook. He worked as a prosecutor in the past, but he now works as a public defender. Their marriage has also been on the rocks. Kang Tae Wook decides to defend his wife and they fall in love again.
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Lee Joon Hyuk Unknown Support Role
Jin Ki Joo Han Ji Won Support Role
Lee Ah Hyun Unknown Support Role
Ahn Nae Sang Unknown Support Role
Lee Kyung Young Jang Gyu Seok Support Role
Lee Sung Wook Unknown Support Role
Kim Bo Yun Unknown Support Role
Go Joon Lee Jae Young Support Role
Mo Wan Il Unknown Director
Jun Hye Jin Seo Eun Joo Support Role
Yun Woon Kyung Unknown Support Role
Jung Young Ki Unknown Support Role
Shin Kang Woo Unknown Support Role
Kim Nam Joo Go Hye Ran Main Role
Ji Jin Hee Kang Tae Wook Main Role
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