Her Private Life (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 그녀의 사생활
  • Directors: Hong Jong Chan
  • Air time: 4,5 at 21:30
  • Broadcast Period: 10/04/2019 to 30/05/2019
  • Watch online

Her Private Life (2019)

그녀의 사생활

TV Series , Comedy , Drama , Friendship , Life , Romance , Korean | Completed


A romantic comedy about a talented gallery curator named Sung Duk Mi, who is an idol fangirl underneath her professional veneer. Meanwhile, her boss Ryan becomes a passionate fanboy of her.

Sung Duk Mi lives a double life as both a gallery curator and a home master for a fansite about Si An, an idol group member. She’s a pro in both aspects of her life, and because of her fangirl dedication, Duk Mi has had to break up with several boyfriends, deciding instead to go all in for her fangirl activities instead of dating.

Ryan is a new director at the gallery where Duk Mi works. Once a painter, Ryan was a sensation in the art world from his debut to his retirement, and is now seeing career success as a director. An individualist through and through, Ryan comes to find out about Duk Mi’s double life.

This series is based on the web novel "Noona Fan Dot Com" by Kim Sung Yeon.

(Source: Soompi)
Her Private Life (2019)
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Kim Bo Ra Cindy [Fansite master] Support Role
Im Ji Kyu Kang Seung Min [Seon Joo's husband] Support Role
Kim Mi Kyung Ko Young Sook [Duk Mi's mother] Support Role
Hong Jong Chan Unknown Director
Maeng Sang Hoon Sung Geun Ho [Duk Mi's father] Support Role
Park Jin Joo Lee Seon Joo [Duk Mi's best friend] Support Role
Hong Seo Young Choi Da In [Ryan's friend] Support Role
Jung Jae Won Cha Shi An [Idol of White Ocean] Support Role
Jung Won Chang Kim Yoo Seob [Art Museum Registrar] Support Role
Park Myung Shin Nam Se Yeon [Eun Gi's mother] Support Role
Han Hyun Uk [Member of White Ocean] Support Role
Hwang In Ho [Member of White Ocean] Support Role
Kim Sun Young Uhm So Hye [Art Museum Director] Support Role
Lee In Pyo [Member of White Ocean] Support Role
Yoo Ji Ahn [Member of White Ocean] Support Role
Lee Il Hwa Gong Eun Young [Shi An's mother] Support Role
Ahn Bo Hyun Nam Eun Gi [Duk Mi's childhood friend] Main Role
Kim Jae Wook Ryan Gold [Gallery Director] Main Role
Park Min Young Sung Duk Mi [Gallery Curator, Idol Fangirl] Main Role
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